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        Jiang Xibo lai big pharma co., LTD. Is a collection of veterinary drug products research and development、The production and business operation、Technical service enterprise in the integration of science and technology of veterinary drug preparations,Was founded1999Years,The mulberry area is located in jiangxi jiujiang,Veterinary medicine industry in China30To be strong、The ministry of agriculture veterinary medicine one of national key leading enterprise,Comprehensive strength in jiangxi province are among the best in the veterinary drug production enterprise。The company has a national level“Post-doctoral scientific research workstation”,National suggests cooperation talents cultivation base and pigs in jiangxi province engineering research center for veterinary medicine。Company is the Chinese veterinary chemicals industry technology innovation strategic alliance and veterinary medicine preparations industry technology innovation strategic alliance member units in jiangxi province。Company has become a company has the final sterilization/Small capacity injection、The final sterilization/Small capacity injection、Oral liquid、Booster injection、Hormones、Freeze-dried hormone and powder/Scattered/Premix, etc20The article through the national ministry of agricultureGMPCertification of automatic production line,As China's largest production、One of the most complete form of the enterprise。

        Companies focus on product marketing and technical service team construction,Adhere to the brand led,Innovation driven development concept,Continuously improve enterprise brand influence and core competitiveness。Adhering to the high degree of social responsibility and the spirit of the best,Animal health system as safeguard,With farming enterprises to cooperate,Provide the overall solution cultivation,Nanny do China's aquaculture industry technology。





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500Waiting for you in veterinary drug industry the market the nuggets

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  • D molda
    Tai wan cephalosporins
  • MaXingShi particles
    MultivitaminsBSoluble powder
  • Fluorine benzene ni powder
    Fe powder
  • Canon
    Rich blood
  • Kappa phenol
    Astragalus membranaceus multidimensional(Nutrition care)
  • Doxycycline hydrochloride(Tablet class)
    Levamisole hydrochloride powder(Insect repellent)

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Warm congratulations on commanding, lai inactivated seedlings workshop to go throughGMPDynamic acceptance!

Warm congratulations on commanding, lai inactivated seedlings workshop to go throughGMPDynamic acceptance!


2018Years2Month1Day,The ministry of agricultureGMPAcceptance of the panel,In the jiangxi provincial bureau of animal husbandry medical administration bureau of pharmaceutical affairs and veterinary medicine feed with supervision by relevant leaders...

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